Everything you need to know about Busylizzy. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact us and we’ll promptly respond to your query.

Busylizzy is  members club. We arrange lots of lovely classes, talks and events/coffee mornings for  members to attend on flexible terms – picking and choosing what they fancy each week. To keep it simple, we have three types of membership to suit all usage. Click here for details and give us a go!

New members all receive a 14 day cooling off period – effectively a 14 day trial upon joining Busylizzy. Once signed up, we activate your ‘self-service’ account and app where you can schedule all the classes & events you’d like to attend. If after 14 days you decide it’s not for you, we simply refund you and cancel your membership – less £7.50 per class attended. See our T&C’s for more info.

Joining is easy and only take 60 seconds. Click here and complete the personal details form and make your payment using any debit or credit card through our secure payment system. We will promptly activate your ‘self service’ booking system and app so you can start booking your classes.

A Membership includes parents and their children up to 4 years of age. This can also include Nanny, Grandparents or Au Pair bringing your child(ren) along to the baby or toddler classes. Obviously it’s ladies only at the pregnancy and postnatal fitness classes!

Yes! Older siblings are welcome along to the baby classes (the only exception being baby massage and baby karma due to the calming class ambiance).

Via our clever booking system and smartphone app, members can view our classes and see the number of spaces available in each session  – up to 4 weeks in advance. This ensures everyone can plan and book into their preferred sessions with ease and clarity. We run our classes at around 85% capacity and monitor our classes attendance closely. You’ll notice we run multiples of our particularly popular sessions to ensure everyone can get a space in their class of choice.

Yes! Our classes are very popular so classes that are fully booked have a waiting list function. We find that about 25% of people who book into a class decide to cancel out of a class either in the days before, or sometimes on the day itself. Life with a baby is unpredictable right?! Therefore, we recommend that you add yourself to the waiting list as there’s a very good chance you’ll get a space even in the busiest of classes. We watch class trends and booking patterns so can add more classes to the timetable where possible. If a space becomes available on a class you’re on the waiting list for, our system emails you to let you know.

Before participating in the pregnancy and /or postnatal fitness classes, please complete a PARQ medical form. The information supplied is confidential and only shared with an instructor if needed ie, injury or illness where alternative exercises can be prescribed. Click Here to complete it. Bring along a bottle of water and ideally a small towel to your classes and if exercising outdoors, wear comfy layers.

A member of the busylizzy team activates your account for you. All new membership are processed promptly – usually within 24 hours. If you are wanting to attend a specific class straight away and haven’t received your log in, contact us and we’ll manually book you in.

Yes – many mums attend sessions with their babies whilst on maternity leave and when they return to work often continue membership with us for Grandma or Nanny to come along. Dad’s and Grandpa’s are very welcome along too!

Yes – When completing the membership registration form, make a note of your preferred start date in the comments box (up to 6 weeks in advance). We will activate your membership to coincide with your other commitments.

If you cannot attend a booked class, log into your account and go to ‘my schedule’ where you can cancel and reschedule your session . If you use the app, simply navigate to your booked class and tap ‘cancel’.  Classes can be cancelled up to 2 hours before they start – this is just enough time for another member to take your space. Our system is automated so if you miss the 2 hour cut off time, the class will be allocated to your account and cannot be refunded.

Membership is for a minimum term of 3 months. Thereafter you can cancel or downgrade your membership by giving us 1 full month notice and completing this form – Your request will be acknowledged and processed within 3 working days of receipt. Cancellation will not accepted in person or over the phone.

If for some reason our automated monthly payment system does not collect your membership payment, you can pay your invoice online in your member ‘self service’ account. Go to ‘My Bills’ to view outstanding invoices.

Yes – Your membership is flexible. If you cannot attend classes for a month or two, let us know and we’ll freeze your membership payments whilst you are away for a maximum of 2 months. Ideal for work commitments or summer holiday plans.  Freeze periods cannot be back-dated so let us know in advance if you are away. To arrange account freeze, complete the freeze form

We recommend 6 weeks after having your baby. That said, we are all different and if you had a straightforward pregnancy and your G.P is happy for you to start exercising sooner, we’d love to see you. Our fitness team are postnatally qualified and parents themselves so you’ll be in safe hands.

On your expected due date, your Busylizzy membership will automatically become frozen for 8 weeks. That means no payments are made or classes can be attended during this period. You do not need to do anything. We will arrange this form you. 8 weeks after your expected due date, your membership will re-activate so you can continue Busylizzy classes with your new baby and enjoy the postnatal fitness and baby classes together. Pregnancy freeze start and end dates are flexible so contact us if you’d like to make any changes.

If you are pregnant and thinking about starting a new exercise routine, always get consent from your doctor or midwife before coming to a new fitness class. We generally recommend you wait until you are 14 weeks before starting pregnancy fitness sessions.